Graduated with an online MSc Ergonomics

What made you decide to do this course?

As an Occupational Health professional, health ergonomics was part of my work remit. Although I have several years of topic related work experience, I did not have the formal Health Ergonomics qualification. This course gave me the opportunity to continue with my full time job and study with a staged approached to PGC, Diploma and MSc, which was supported and funded by my employer.

How would you describe your online student experience?

In previous years I completed an Open University Degree – so was used to distance learning. The support with Derby with online resources, library and ‘Blackboard/forum’ interaction and support was excellent.

What did you find particularly beneficial?

Resource materials, library and e-library access, tutor support and student interaction.

What would you say to anyone considering an online degree at Derby?

In my opinion, University of Derby is a high quality institution. The mode of study is flexible to enable studying from a distance while working and being available for other family commitments. The learning materials are right up to date. In advance of the course, students should be aware of the commitments to hours of study and research; and deadlines for assignment submission. I would advise anybody to take up the challenge and enjoy the experience.

How has your degree helped your career?

The degree has formalised my position in the company as a qualified Ergonomist and increased my credibility as a topic expert.

Find out more about MSc Ergonomics and the various pathways you can take. It's accredited by the Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors (IEHF).