Graduated with an online Nursing Studies BSc (Hons)

Which course did you study?

Nursing Studies BSc (Hons) Top-Up

Why did you choose this course?

To broaden my knowledge and consolidate my skills in my nursing career. My original nursing diploma was long overdue for a refresh.

What attracted you to online learning?

I have a demanding full time job and a big family, so online study was definitely the best option for me; it meant I could learn at my own pace at any given time.

Why did you choose the University of Derby Online Learning?

After studying extensively online and weighing up all my options, the information I found about UDOL was the most impressive and convincing. The affordable price was also a huge factor in my decision.

What were your goals and aspirations when starting your course? Have they changed during study?

As a very ambitious person, I have always wanted to further my education to enable me to excel in my profession.

How did you balance your study around professional/personal commitments?

Maintaining a work and study balance is hard work, especially as I am a writer in my spare time too. Nonetheless, just after the completion of my course I published “Happiness At Last”.

It is a story about two naive youngsters that fall in love while at university in Nigeria. It depicts the bitter-sweet adventures of two young hearts in their quest for self-discovery in the twilight of Africa's economic boom.

How would you describe your online learning experience at Derby? What did you find particularly beneficial?

It was challenging but manageable, I couldn’t have done it without the amazing support from my online tutors and support staff.

What was your most memorable moment during your time at Derby?

When I compared my first feedback to my last, seeing the enormous improvement in my study – it was incredibly rewarding!

How has your qualification helped your career? Has the knowledge you have acquired, complimented previous work experience in any way?

As a student, I’m better informed and as a nurse this ensures that my practise is evidence based. I found the modules very informative and empowering also.

Can you describe your experience with just one word?


What would you say to anyone considering an online course at Derby?

Just go for it! However, it is imperative that you set time aside to partake in forum activities and act on feedback from tutors. I had a great time during my studies and I’m very grateful for this experience.