Graduated with an online IT MSc

Which course did you study?

MSc Information Technology

Why did you choose this course?

Image: Online MSc Masters Information Techonology IT Shaun CassarMy undergraduate degree was engineering oriented and focused on topics such as telecommunications and electrical engineering. When I entered the world of employment I realised that I was working on a large number of technologies and platforms but I was missing the in-depth knowledge and insight in order to join the dots whilst troubleshooting certain issues. I also realised that an MSc would broaden my knowledge as well as strengthen my academic and analytical skills that I had already gained in my undergraduate degree.

What attracted you to online learning?

The main reason I wanted to study online was because I already had a good full-time job and needed something flexible that would fit in with my busy schedule.

Why did you choose the University of Derby Online Learning?

Due to the vast amount of technologies that I use in the office, I needed to gain a general overview of all the major topics within computer science, instead of a course that was very specific. I didn’t want to restrict myself to one particular area of study.

I saw studying with UDOL as an opportunity that would open more doors for me, especially in terms of career opportunities.

I applied to this particular course due to the ratings of the university, and based on some conversations I had with friends of mine who had encountered the university.

What were your goals and aspirations when starting your course? Have they changed during study?

My main goal was consolidation of particular technologies and understanding areas of study whilst further enhancing my skill set.

How did you balance your study around professional/personal commitments?

It’s not always easy to balance your study around professional/personal commitments, but you have to find the space and time. Even if you just do some work on the way to work or when you’re travelling overseas. The weekends are an important time for study, as is your annual leave allowance.

How would you describe your online learning experience at Derby? What did you find particularly beneficial?

As this is an MSc, the assignments can be challenging and involve a heavy workload, research and preparation. Most of the assignments allowed students to be as creative as they like, which made the course more interesting as I could learn and discover the topics that were most important to me.

I studied my undergraduate degree in my home country so I was less exposed to foreign students. Online learning makes it easy to work with people from all over the world, making it more interesting, fun and challenging. Everyone brings different thoughts, experiences and knowledge to the table based on their own career, which makes the course more enriching.

What was your most memorable moment during your time at Derby?

My most memorable moment was when I received a First in the Database Development module, which was one of the most challenging modules I had studied. I also look forward to completing my dissertation and my graduation day.

How has your qualification helped your career? Has the knowledge you have acquired, complimented previous work experience in any way?

Whilst I hope that the final certificate will help me further in new job opportunities, it has already given me a lot of new skills that I currently use in my workplace.

Can you describe your experience with just one word?


What would you say to anyone considering an online course at Derby?

Go for it! There will be times when you say “what am I doing”, but it will all be worth it in the end. Today, it’s very important to continue studying and learning new skills, especially in the remit of IT where new technologies are always emerging. It will be challenging but worth investing your time in.