Graduated with an online Psychology BSc (Hons)

Image: Student Regina Holler

What made you want to study this course?

I have always been interested in psychology. As a physiotherapist, I have encountered so many clients from the actual psychological field. I have always worried about the lack of opportunity there is in medical professions to combine physical and psychological treatment successfully and on a fully professionally justifiable level.

Why did you decide to study online?

Just after moving to Denmark from Germany I could have started an undergraduate psychology degree only in Danish. My Danish however isn’t fluid enough to study in Danish. Me and my partner were also unsure if we would be able to stay in Denmark long enough to complete the degree. So I looked for an option that allowed me to pursue a degree but also gave me flexibility!

What have you liked about studying online?

It is great to have flexible studying times that you can fit around all your other tasks. I love also how you have access to such a big online library night and day.

Were you / have you been well supported by the University and its tutors during your studies?

Yes, mostly. It must be utterly difficult to support students you have never seen…so I admire the work the tutors do and how they keep supporting people so effectively even though they have no clue who they deal with! That’s amazing for me!

How do you fit online learning in around your work, family and / or social life, etc?

For me it is easy to motivate myself as I love the subject I study so much! I love that I can be absolutely flexible with my learning while remaining committed to other aspects of my life. It might sound funny, but in Denmark in the long winters with the super short days it has proven to absolutely benefit my health that I simply was able to interrupt my work in the middle of the day and catch a bit of sunlight and fresh air on regular lunch-time runs!

Do you have any contact with your fellow UDOL students? How does this contribute to your online learning experience?

The greatest experience is the residential week; meeting all fellow students and tutors is simply wonderful! I am sure that this will influence my future online study situation as it is always easier to keep in touch with people you’ve “really” met, than building up relationships only online.

What impact is this course having or has it had on your career?

It will have a great impact on my career as I have planned to change my professional life completely. It has always been my goal to have a broad knowledge about the health of the body and mind. As an experienced and dedicated physiotherapist I gained a lot of knowledge on mostly the physical aspects of health. However, now I will start my psychology career with this degree to work with both fields in the future. I am so happy that I can change my career and without having to relocate.

Would you recommend online study to others, and why?

I would recommend it to others who can motivate themselves well. It is a great possibility for everyone who is interested in a field that can be studied in an online course. The flexibility it guarantees is unbeatable!

What would you say to anyone thinking about doing this course?

I would encourage them to do it as it is a great experience and you can fit your study around your life and have a great chance to boost and change your career.

If you had to sum up your online learning experience in one word, what would that be?


Online BSc (Hons) Psychology – Regina Holler