Graduated with an online MBA

Image: MBA graduate Ganesan Subash Chandra BowseWhich course did you study?


Why did you choose this course?

Completing an MBA has always been a dream of mine. I knew I had the skills to complete an MBA but as I work full time, it was difficult to find the time to start the course. I was able to start my studies with the University of Derby Online Learning because of the flexible study option and the payment plans. I was motivated to study at the University of Derby Online Learning because of the Strategic Management components of the course and the prestigious reputation of the University of Derby.

What attracted you to online learning?

I work as a Senior Account Manager at Just in Time Technologies Limited, hence I needed flexibility from a university to be dedicated to my studies. I already had enough experience in the IT Industry but I needed some guidance from the tutors at the university to carry out research and complete my master’s degree.

Why did you choose the University of Derby Online Learning?

The popularity of University of Derby; the success rate of the students led me to choose UDOL. It goes without saying that the local agents in Sri Lanka (HRMI) gave us enough facts. These factors motivated me to choose UDOL.

What were your goals and aspirations when starting your course? Have they changed during study?

My goal was to gain knowledge and complete the course without any delay, and I was able to complete the dissertation within the given timelines.

How did you balance your study around professional/personal commitments?

It was tough and sometimes I had to sacrifice some sleep! I did most of my studies during the night. Further I had to forgo many fun activities such as family trips, gatherings and parties to ensure I was able to complete some of the activities.

How would you describe your online learning experience at Derby? What did you find particularly beneficial?

UDOL allocated very suitable supervisors. The supervisor I got understood my area of research very well and he was able to provide a wealth of input. He shared many tips via several Skype sessions and emails. The last few days were particularly beneficial since the supervisor analysed my draft dissertation and gave me vital points to improve the quality of my dissertation.

What was your most memorable moment during your time at Derby?

Understanding the importance of a literature review was the most memorable moment during my time at Derby. This understanding (thanks to the guidance given by my supervisor) will help me in my future PhD/MPhil studies too.

How has your qualification helped your career? Has the knowledge you have acquired, complimented previous work experience in any way?

Certainly my knowledge has been sharpened. I was able to apply the knowledge in my business activities. Completing my MBA will help me to gain respect in my industry, and hopefully it will help me to reach out to gain better job prospects.

Can you describe your experience with just one word?

Boon (helpful or beneficial)

What would you say to anyone considering an online course at Derby?

Online learning gives you the freedom to study in your time. If you allocate your time accordingly and start the research early (during the first few months) you can achieve wonderful things. Online is a boon for the working professional to gain academic qualifications to climb the career ladder.

Online MBA - Listen to my story - Ganesan Subash Chandra Bowse