Graduated with an online Psychology BSc (Hons)

Image: Student Boaz FeldmanBoaz Feldman, 31, from Geneva, Switzerland, is a second-year award-winning psychology student with UDOL. He attended the residential at the University last week.

Boaz, who works as a consultant trainer, supervisor, coordinator and researcher for humanitarian organisations such as International Medical Corps, the United Nations and the World Health Organisation, enrolled with UDOL in January 2014.

Boaz just finished a three-month self-care training programme for psychiatrists and psychologists at the Kabul Mental Health Hospital in Afghanistan, as part of his work for the International Medical Corps.

Boaz said “I also do a lot of work in the corporate field which involves working to bring psychological expertise into the world of enterprise and developing resilience, stress management and mindful leadership for profit organisations.

“Before starting my degree, I did an undergraduate degree in Business Administration and Economics, in Canada. I then completed a three year course in Geneva on psychosomatic counselling, and was trained for many years in person-centred counselling. I have now been working in this field for four years.

“I always had a strong motivation to self-study. I decided to study for an undergraduate degree in psychology as I had become interested in psychoanalysis, psychotherapy and the psychological aspects of meditation practice.

My work involves a lot of travelling. I chose online study as I knew it would give me more flexibility in terms of how I could engage with the teaching staff and access learning materials and assessments.”

How has your qualification helped your career?

I am currently in the second year of my course. UDOL’s BSc (Hons) Psychology is accredited by the British Psychological Society. I hope that my degree will allow me to continue working in the field of mental health and social support, and psychoanalysis as an accredited psychologist.

What advice would you give to others considering studying a degree online?

I would encourage others studying for a degree online not to limit themselves in terms of the online learning and physical facilities available to them. As an online student, there are a lot of learning materials available to me. I would encourage other online students to use a range of creative materials in their self-study such as YouTube, and local libraries. My local library in Geneva has a large psychology department where I can access a range of materials.

I would also tell other online students not to be hesitant in making contact with lecturers. The lecturers at the University of Derby have been very supportive during my studies.

Can you describe your experience of online learning using just one word?