Graduated with an online Nursing Studies BSc (Hons)

Which course did you study?

UDOL-B700: Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Nursing Studies

Why did you choose this course?

Image: Online Nursing studies bsc top up degree Annemarie HornI really wanted to improve my evidence based practice and gain the skills and knowledge think about situations critically and to give the best care to my patients.

What attracted you to online learning?

A number of things really. Firstly, I live on a remote Island and classroom learning isn't easy when you work full time.

It can be quite remote in the Alderney Channels Islands especially during winter. However, this worked to my advantage as it allowed me to study more often and gave me something to do in my spare time.

Why did you choose the University of Derby Online Learning?

I looked at a number of online Nursing degrees. I liked the format and choice of modules at UDOL and I also liked the fact this degree is accredited by the Royal College of Nursing, so it felt appropriate for my learning needs.

The online learning advisors are a very good source of advice when initially asking about the courses. Taking advantage of the monthly payment plans was also a great bonus for me.

What were your goals and aspirations when starting your course? Have they changed during study?

I really wanted to update my knowledge to prevent myself from being the sort of nurse who says "We have always done it this way".

Since finishing my degree, I have continued my studies with UDOL with the Partnerships in Dementia Care Postgraduate Certificate. I was awarded a RCN Foundation Bursary to complete this course.

How did you balance your study around professional/personal commitments?

I am very blessed to work for a manager who understands work-life balance, so I arranged to work night duty whilst studying which allowed me to have my days off. I also took some annual leave to complete my course, as I was working on the minor injuries unit and dong the Independent Study module at the same time. A month off work allowed me to study and enjoy the lovely place that I call home in the summer months.

How would you describe your online learning experience at Derby? What did you find particularly beneficial?

The tutors and fellow students that I have worked with have been very supportive. You certainly get back what you put into the course. I feel that the tutors genuinely want us to do our very best and help us greatly to achieve this. I have learnt so much about myself in both a professional and personal capacity.

What was your most memorable moment during your time at Derby?

I love waiting up until midnight to see my grades come up on the system! I think my most memorable moment will be achieving my bachelor’s degree, many years post qualifying as a nurse.

How has your qualification helped your career? Has the knowledge you have acquired, complimented previous work experience in any way?

I chose to complete the optional module ‘Minor Injuries’ which has helped me to be more confident and provide a better service to our patients, especially as I’m often the nurse in charge at night.

I gained a first class honours degree with UDOL and this qualification has helped me to achieve my dream role as a lecturer in Nursing Studies, which I will be moving back to the UK for.

Can you describe your experience with just one word?


What would you say to anyone considering an online course at Derby?

I have already recommended the Masters course to my husband! I say, if I can study in this way, anyone can! Go for it!