This module will provide a sociological framework in understanding key contemporary issues within the health and social care context.  Sociological health and social care will provide a basis for understanding and making sense of broader developments which have impacted on global and local influences within politics and the welfare state of society. In this context, students will draw on other interrelated interdisciplinary approaches of social science, social policy, socio political and economic values on which health and social care is founded.

The module will focus on a range of perspectives from sociology of health and social care in offering an understanding of the family, homelessness, migration, social policy, social stratification and inequalities, contemporary debates in health and social care health within an international context. The module will also provide a framework for practitioners to analyse events within their working environment, drawing on the historical development of health and social care, nationally and globally within a broad base sociological context.

Please note: *Prices correct for 2019/20 new students. Subject to potential annual increase in September 2020