Although there have been improvements in public health across the globe, there still remain great inequalities within regions and countries around the world.  Social and medical determinants of these inequalities impact on the health of communities and populations. Public Health activities can play a key part in improving the health of families, communities and localities.

You will explore and examine the issues that relate to public health through an international lens in terms of determinants of health and through reflection on their own practice. Using essential elements of public health as a framework, you will be able to compare activities between regions/countries to inform your own knowledge in relation to your own area of public health.  

Topics covered may include:

  • Definitions and meanings of public health
  • Principles and essential elements of public health theory and practice
  • Reflection for learning and public health practice
  • The organisation of public health nationally and internationally
  • Accessing and using demographic and epidemiological data and information for public health
  • Exploring inequalities in health

Please note: *Prices correct for 2019/20 new students. Subject to potential annual increase in September 2020