In this module you will consolidate your learning, drawing on previous knowledge and skills to develop confidence and competence in management in holistic support of a patient and their carer at the end of life.

Within all health care environments, health care professionals are involved in caring for the dying patient. Managing symptoms, supporting the client and care, and using your own and others’ expertise to the benefit of the client, are all important aspects. With the development of end of life care initiatives, the need to provide the right level of care at the right time and in the right place has been emphasised as a paramount importance to all concerned.

You will cover the following topics:

  • Concepts of loss and bereavement assessment in palliative care
  • Holistic care delivery strategies
  • Ethical and professional issues at the end of life
  • Contemporary frameworks and evidence in palliative care
  • Methods of relieving pain
  • Stages of grief
  • Symptom management
  • Anticipatory Grief
  • Communication
  • Physical, psychological and social factors
  • Supporting family and carers
  • Co-ordination of care

Please note: *Prices correct for 2019/20 new students. Subject to potential annual increase in September 2020