Unit 1 ADHD and Hyperkinetic Disorder

Image: ADHD and Hyperkinetic DisorderIn this unit we will look at the main symptoms, subtypes and diagnostic criteria relating to Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder and Hyperkinetic Disorder.

Unit 2 Autism Spectrum Disorder

Image: Autism Spectrum DisorderThis unit will cover an overview of autism and Asperger’s, as they are defined in diagnostic manuals. It will also cover the symptoms, prevalence, assessment and diagnosis of autism and how it differs from Asperger’s.

Unit 3 Classification, Assessment and Diagnosis

Image: Classification, Assessment and DiagnosisAn exploration of what classification is, how assessment happens in the UK and how the conditions covered in this free online course are diagnosed.

Unit 4 Aetiology: Theories and Causes

Image: Aetiology: Theories and CausesWe will explore what ADHD and autism are, theories of ADHD and autism and scepticism towards these conditions.

Unit 5 Comorbidity

Image: ComorbidityWe will explore the main issues surrounding comorbidity in ADHD and autism. We will also examine, if ADHD and autism are really that different and what an overlap of symptoms might suggest.

Unit 6 Treatment

Image: TreatmentWe will look at the main issues surrounding treatment for autism and ADHD. We will focus on medication, behavioural interventions other treatments and problems with treatment as well as parent advocacy groups and prognosis amongst other.