Image: Innovating in Operations Management

Learn to effectively manage operations

This course will help you learn how to effectively manage operations in any small and medium sized company, with particular attention to improving operations management through innovation.

We will engage but not be limited to the aerospace, automotive and railway sectors and the best practices in operations management based on innovation.

Learners will not only review academic theory supported by teaching notes, videos, case studies and exercises, but they also will get an opportunity to share best practice and experiences with each other in our forum activities, making it a great opportunity for individuals to improve their skills and knowledge as well as expose themselves to good practice and scenario based ideas developed by peer learners.

During this free operations management course you can expect to learn:

  • the role of operation managers in creating competitiveness and a culture of innovation
  • the nature of design and innovation in the context of operations
  • innovation in the management of operational processes and supply chains
  • triggers for innovation e.g. specific models, methods and tools
  • the nature of innovation as a process itself

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