Dr Jose Arturo Garze-Reyes

Image: Dr Jose Arturo Garze-Reyes

Dr Jose Arturo Garza-Reyes is a Reader in Operations Management and Business Excellence at the Centre for Supply Chain Improvement, Derby Business School, the University of Derby, UK. He has published a number of articles in leading international journals and conferences, and two books in the areas of quality management systems and manufacturing performance measurement systems. 

Jose Arturo is a co-founder and editor of the Int. J. of Supply Chain and Operations Resilience (Inderscience) and has participated as guest editor for special issues in the Supply Chain Management: An International Journal, Int. J. of Lean Six Sigma, Int. J. of Lean Enterprise Research, Int. J. of Engineering Management and Economics, and Int. J. of Engineering and Technology Innovation. He is currently serving in the editorial board of several international journals as well as has contributed as member of the scientific and organising committees of several international conferences. 

His research interests include general aspects of operations and manufacturing management, operations and quality improvement, and supply chain improvement. Jose Arturo has led several research projects sponsored by private companies and is actively involved in consulting activities to manufacturing and service organisations.