How do I enrol?

All our free online courses are delivered through an online learning environment which can only be accessed whilst the MOOC is live. Once the course opens for enrollment, you can enrol by clicking on the 'ENROL NOW' button. This button is only visible when registration for the course is open.

What does 100% online mean?

100% online study mode means that you are not required to attend University campuses to study this course, but can do it anywhere with internet access.

How much time will be required to study a free online course?

You are expected to invest an average of two to three hours per week in each course. Courses run for six weeks. Participate at your leisure.

What level of tuition will I receive?

These are 100% online and are delivered via the online virtual learning environment. The courses are self-paced private study with no formal assessment or grades.

What if I am unable to complete the course?

You can study as much or as little of the course as you wish and you are not obliged to complete the course.  You will receive a Mozilla digital Open badge for each Unit completed.

What are Mozilla badges?

Mozilla badges are a universal online standard to recognise and verify online learning, accepted by many employers and educational institutions around the world.

Can I get a badge if I don’t complete the course?

There is a badge available for each unit completed in the course, so if you are only interested in the specific unit you will still get recognised for your efforts.

Can I reuse the course materials?

The course materials are licensed with Creative Commons Non-commercial Share-Alike license which means they can be reused provided you follow the terms and conditions explained to you at enrolment.

How much do I have to pay to enrol on this course? Are there any hidden costs?

There is absolutely no cost to study our free online courses and there are no hidden costs either. The Mozilla badges and the E-Certificate are also issued to you without a charge.

Are the Free Online Courses transferable onto other degree programmes and courses?

These courses do not hold any university credits, so they can’t be transferred onto other degree programmes and courses.

How can I be assured of the quality of the free online course?

All our courses are developed by highly qualified and experienced academics, they also have also undergone a thorough National and European academic quality reviewing process, so you can be assured of the quality of all our free online courses.

University of Derby is certified with the OpenupEd label. This means that the University of Derby is recognised as operating in a continuous process of improving their MOOC offerings. By achieving this label the University of Derby demonstrates that it offers quality controlled MOOCs in compliance with benchmarks tailored to both e-learning and open education and keeps up to date with the latest developments.

What are my obligations as a learner? And what can I expect in return?

We value all our learners and wish to provide you with the best learning experience we can, so we have created a Learner Charter that outlines all of your responsibilities as a learner and our commitments as educators. The Learner Charter will be available at enrolment.

What are the technical requirements?

You will need access to the internet whether it is on your PC, tablet, mobile phone or other electronic devices, as well as a valid email address to register with our online learning environment in order to take part in the course.

If I have questions, who do I contact?

If you have a technical issue, we advise you to contact our online learning environment provider. If you are looking for help with your course, you can always refer to your course support documents or address your questions on the course forum.

If I am not 100% satisfied with the course can I claim a refund on the course?

This is a free course, so there is no refund to be issued. If you are not satisfied with this course, you can leave it at any time and find an alternative that will support your requirements.

If I am unable to commit to the course dates? What free courses will you run in the future?

Our free online courses are open for a set period of time only which will be clearly specified in advance.  End of unit Open digital badges and the course E-Certificate can only be earned whilst the course is open, however, once the course has closed, you will still be able to access the learning materials, if required. We recommend you to check these pages regularly for any updates, alternatively follow us on social media to keep informed on new course updates and more.