The course is made up of 4 units, each will require approximately 5 hours of study.

The content of the units will be supported by relevant evidence, guidelines, disorder specific theoretical frameworks and National UK Policy.

Unit 1 - Introduction to Child and Adolescent Mental Health

Image: Unit badge - Child and Adolescent Mental HealthThis unit looks at key policy that guides child and adolescent mental healthcare as well as reviewing the key roles involved in the diagnosis and care of children with mental, emotional and behavioural difficulties.

Unit 2 – Understanding Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Image: Unit badge - Autistic Spectrum DisorderIn this unit we will understand what constitutes a diagnosis of ASD whilst considering the impact of a diagnosis of ASD upon a young person. Low level interventions that can be used to support young people with ASD will also be examined.

Unit 3 – Understanding Anxiety and Depression

Image: Unit badge - Understanding Anxiety and DepressionIn this unit we will analyse what constitutes a diagnosis of anxiety and depression whilst developing an understanding of psychoeducational strategies to help young people understand anxiety and depression.

Unit 4 - Self Harming Behaviour

Image: Unit badge - Understanding Self Harming BehaviourIn this unit we will evaluate the condition and circumstance whereby self-harming behaviour may be exhibited by young people and will consider low level interventions which can be used to support young people who self-harm. The importance of risk assessment and reporting will also be understood.