Unit 1 - Introduction to BIM Level 2

This first unit will give you an understanding of the background to Building Information Modelling and the relevant policies and strategies to achieve level 2 compliance. To gain the badge for this Unit your knowledge of maturity level definitions and industrial standards will be checked.

Unit 2 - BIM and Project Management

This unit will cover how organisational structures and roles fit within the BIM process to create multidisciplinary teams supported by BIM execution plans, protocols and standards. You will explore the central models of the BIM Federation, interoperability and technology used in collaboration. At the end of this Unit you will create your own BIM execution plan.

Unit 3 - Information Analytics

This Unit will cover methods for information retrieval, analysis and integration. This will also be related to decision-making using appropriate BIM collaborative tools. Finally, how BIM is used in forecasting clash detection and site coordination. At the end of this unit, you will be expected to demonstrate the use of project collaboration using appropriate software and data structures.

Unit 4 – BIM level 3 and Beyond

This Unit will define responsibilities and ownership and build your understanding of Construction Operations Building Information Exchange (COBie) and its integral part in facility and life-cycle management. It will also cover how BIM will play a part in the smart cities of the future. You will be expected to evaluate where BIM level 3 sits within your sector and what the key usable data would be to facilitate future smart infrastructure.