Total cost of course
UK/EU: £815*
INT: £815*

*Prices correct for 2019/2020 new students. Subject to potential annual increase in September 2020.

Course length
10 weeks of part time study
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Pace of study

We recommend around 20 hours of study per week, per 20 credit module.

Assessment method

This course is assessed through 100% coursework with a range of methods such as essays, research reports, presentations, group work and practical reports.

Course code: OLUAV      Level 3 qualification

The Study Skills in Higher Education Certificate of Credit is a level 3, 20 credit module designed to help you develop the skills necessary to become a flexible and independent learner in preparation for study in Higher Education.

Why should I take this Study Skills course?

This course will enable you to learn how to recognise your own learning style and areas for development, as well as research effectively and efficiently, plan and write assignments at an appropriate level, identify resources for study and research, and reference accurately using Harvard conventions. You will learn skills such as analysing assignments tasks, to developing a range of writing skills for academic purposes as well as how to present research findings and use online resources and electronic journals, all skills required to study at a Higher Education level.

It bridges the gap for any students who do not currently hold the appropriate level or traditional entry qualifications in English to access Higher Education. It is also ideal for those who may already have a range of qualifications or experience but not previously studied at university level. This course provides you with an opportunity to learn academic study skills that will help you with future higher educational courses.

You may also be looking to refresh your skills as part of your Continuing Professional Development (CPD) or to enhance your career employability and range of accessible, transferable skills.

What skills will I develop?

Throughout the course you will be encouraged to successfully manage your time, prioritise workloads, as well as acquiring practical skills such as accessing materials for self-study, and developing your abilities in using primary and secondary sources for research.

Studying this module will enable you to:

  • Work collaboratively in groups and develop team working abilities
  • Devise strategies for successful time management and independent learning
  • Develop your understanding of academic English skills in writing, reading and presentation
  • Use the library effectively, including utilising online resources and electronic journals
  • Accurately source and utilise resources for researching and referencing
  • Produce extended written work using basic arguments with supporting information

Access to UDOL’s undergraduate and postgraduate courses

If you wish to study a University of Derby Online Learning undergraduate or postgraduate course, we will accept this Certificate of Credit in Study Skills for Higher Education as evidence that you are able to perform at a suitable level of IELTS 6.0 which will improve your eligibility for a number of our courses, providing you have IELTS 4.5 and meet all additional entry criteria.

Although this course is not classed as a GCSE equivalent, completion of this course will evidence your ability to study at English GCSE level. The University of Derby Online Learning recognise upon successful completion of this course that you are able to meet the academic requirements needed to study at higher education level for many of our higher educational courses, providing you meet additional criteria.

Preparing you for IELTS

If you are an International student, this course will provide you with the opportunity to develop the academic English Language competences needed at Level 3, giving you additional preparation for undertaking IELTS 6.0 testing at a local centre in your country. Although this course will not provide you with an IELTS qualification, you will have an opportunity to underpin your knowledge to complete the IELTS test.

Gain further skills with the Foundation Certificate in Higher Education

If you are also interested in improving your general English, Maths and study skills for entry into Higher Education, you may look to take this course as part of the Foundation Certificate in Higher Education. The Foundation Certificate in Higher Education is an online 60 credit, Level 3 foundation course designed to provide you with the English, Maths and Study skills required in order to study at a higher education level.

You can study all of the 20 credit modules individually if you chose to, but together they cannot be classed as the Foundation Certificate. Each 20 credit module can be completed as a standalone award and you will receive a Certificate of Credit upon completion of any one of the following courses:

Enhancing your Personal Development Plan (PDP)

This course is an ideal way to update your Personal Development Planning (PDP). It also gives you the opportunity to reflect on your progress through activities set in the academic skills module. The activities will help equip you with the required skills needed in the development of your digital literacy and communication skills and provide you with a foundation for future development in education and work based skills.

Programme Specification

Image: PDF opens in a new window Study Skills in Higher Education Certificate of Credit programme specification