Upon graduation from this online MBA Global, you will be well equipped for a successful career in managerial and leadership roles. The hands-on work-based learning elements of this programme enable you to generate immediate impact whether progressing to a new role, or advancing within your existing organisation. As an MBA, you mark yourself as having achieved the internationally recognised standard in strategic leadership and management, and your new career prospects will reflect this.

As your career within multi-national organisations advances you will typically become involved across many intricate dimensions of business management. You will be competent to implement robust theoretical and practical knowledge that can be applied across any industry worldwide.

As a graduate of our online MBA Global you will be excellently equipped with the ability to tackle areas including, but not limited to: recruitment and training, strategic planning and decision making, financial analysis and forecasting, competitor and macro environment research, and communication with internal and external stakeholders such as directors, customers and investors.

Gaining a postgraduate degree like the MBA Global can also significantly boost your earning potential. Latest government statistics* show that postgraduates earn on average £6,000 more per year than graduates.

Eventually your career opportunities will be widened exponentially as your higher level academic understanding of globalised business, accompanied by a worldwide influencer network and extensive work experience, prepares you to transition into senior, directorial, executive and C-level roles. Similarly, this fundamental academic knowledge can be re-purposed to support you if you boast an entrepreneurial flair and seek opportunities to start-up or grow your own business.

Our support continues once you’ve completed your course too: you are entitled to further help and guidance from the Careers and Employment Service for up to three years after leaving the University.

*Graduate Labour Market Statistics 2015, Department for Business, Innovation and Skills