Our courses are designed to allow you to continue to work while you study.  If your employer or another sponsor is likely to benefit from your new knowledge and skills, they may be happy to fund your course or make a contribution to your fees. 

Your employer or sponsor will need to write to us on headed paper to confirm their intention to fund or part fund your studies.  To make it easy for them, we’ve created a sponsor letter template (Word, 20.KB), which includes the address to send the letter to when it is complete.

Following this confirmation, if your employer/sponsor is willing to pay for all of your course fees, we will invoice them for the full academic year when you enrol. 

If your employer/sponsor is only making a part contribution towards your fees, we will invoice them for the amount specified once you are enrolled. At the same time, you will also need to pay at least 40% of the outstanding balance. You can then take advantage of our pay as you study instalment plan for your contribution or simply pay the balance in full.

Then your employer/sponsor will need to write to us again in the September* of each academic year in which they will be sponsoring your studies.

Please note that sponsors do not benefit from any discounts available.

* The start of the academic year is always in September, regardless of when you start your course.