Before taking the role as Lecturer in Psychology at UDOL, I worked as an Associate Lecturer for 4 years at the main University of Derby campus for the Sport and Exercise Science team. I taught on the Academic and Research skills modules, alongside all the Sport and Exercise Psychology Modules whilst completing my PhD.  My area of expertise is in performance under pressure, the psychological predictors and mechanism’s associated, specifically for choking and the yips within sport.

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I have been referenced in a couple of Runner Worlds magazines, as well as in a range of newspaper articles as an expert in Sport and Exercise Psychology topics.

I have also participated in a number of Radio Interviews on BBC Radio Derby for a range of topics over 2014/2015.


Published Papers:

Clarke, P., Sheffield, D., & Akehurst, A. (2015). The yips in sport: A systematic review. International Review of Sport and Exercise Psychology. 8 (1), 156-184.

Recent conference attendance:

Clarke, P., Akehurst, A., & Sheffield, D. (2015). Personality Antecedents of the Yips. Presented at The British Psychological Society Division of Sport and Exercise Psychology Annual Conference in Leeds UK on the 15th of December. 

Clarke, P., Akehurst, A., & Sheffield, D. (2015). “From World Class to unable to shoot in three arrows”- An Understanding of the personal experience of “Target Panic” in elite archers. Presented as The European College of Sport Science Annual Conference in Malmo Sweden on the 26th of June. 


Research Interests

My research interests focus on a range of factors associated with performance psychology. My interests predominately lie in performance under pressure and investigating the choking and the yips in sport, which is also the focus of my PhD. I also have an interest in the use of different mental skills for elite performance and skill acquisition, for example self-talk and imagery.