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Multi-Faith Centre Hosts Mayor’s Thanksgiving Service

The Multi-Faith Centre hosted the Mayor of Derby’s annual Thanksgiving Service on Sunday 27 March.

Over 60 guests attended the Centre to join Councillor Amar Nath for a celebration of the last twelve months.

Last year the Mayor made social cohesion a key aim, and so the Multi-Faith Centre was a natural choice of venue for the occasion. 

The Mayor said: “My ‘Theme for the Year’ has been ‘Building Stronger Communities’. This includes strengthening community cohesion and encouraging closer and stronger bonds between the many diverse groups in the City.

“This is why I asked for my Thanksgiving Service to take place at the Multi-Faith Centre.

“There is much that we share, and we should be bound together by our common humanity”.   

Representatives from eight world religions gave readings and prayers during the service, many of which were in their original language. The Mayor also gave a reading about the importance of community cohesion in Derby.

Emeritus Professor Jonathan Powers, Honorary Vice President of the Multi-Faith Centre, helped organise the service.

He said: “We were all delighted to be able to assist the Mayor in holding a Thanksgiving Service at the Multi-Faith Centre.

“The occasion did not just celebrate the Mayor's Theme about strengthening social cohesion - it contributed to it as well. I hope that the Mayor's successors will build on the approach that he has taken”.

The service was followed by refreshments in the Centre, featuring foods from a variety of cultures.   

The Multi-Faith Centre is available for hire. For more information, please call 01332 59 1285 or email


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